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Apeal of John Doughboy [Little Mistake, Big problem]

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John Doughboy

Apr 24, 2010
United States
IC Name: John Doughboy
IC Level: 2
Admin who banned you: Dont remember because the server didnt say i was banned until re-entering, so I didn't think to memorize the name.

Reason for ban: For saying PM in an Advertisement [Non RP advert] (even though It was a complete accident)

Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): Yes. I didnt even say mean to say PM in the advert. I don't have a screenshot because I didnt know I was banned until re-entering. But in the advert I said "Looking for a guy selling a clover. SMS or PM me at ->"[Number to Right]. I didnt even realize I said it until the admin kicked me for it. :shock: It even took him like a minute to realize that I had said PM [I was banned about a minute after saying it]. But I know I'm not supposed to say PM in an advert it was just an accident, they happen.

Admit to offense? (yes/no): Yes I admit that I did make a non RP advert. However I do not think it was a good enough cause to ban me. I believe that at most I should have got jailed for it instead of turning a little mistake like that into a big problem.

Other comments: If you have a chat log look at that if you want. Also, how do you expect to keep any players on the best RP server ever when you ban people for making little mistakes like this? Everyone makes mistakes and deserves a warning first.
Not open for further replies.