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Andrew Carson [BigD]

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Bronze Member
Nov 9, 2013
Master Account: Musli
IG Name: Andrew Carson
IG Level: 12
Admin who banned you: BigD.
Reason for ban: DDOSing community members
Do you think this was a false ban?: No
Admit to offense?: Yes.
Other comments: Hello there again, its been long enough I haven't been around due the ban I have got, I am making this appeal due intention of re-joining RCRP again, as I really enjoyed the time I played here, I think you are already aware of what happened why I was banned and all that I just wish to explain and maybe this could help me out, I ddosed Ray Williams, right I found out that was most retarded idea of mockling someone but he was a friend of mine from another server so I wasnt expecting him to report me I told him myself hey I ddosed you im sorry he wanted a picture of that I sended him then he reported me with my own picture back then, I told him on skype I was fucking around and i'm sorry but he did not want to take that and decided to report me, I fully agree he has right to do that but eh shit happens and we cant return time back, however I really wish you could consider this ban appeal as soon as its been read through.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew. :wavebye:


Retired Admin
Jan 2, 2012

The unban appeal was unsuccessful.
Your IP has remained banned from the server and further actions may be taken if you are caught ban evading.
A Server Admin now has every right to delete your account and they may sell your assets(house, businesses, vehicles etc.)

Reason/Details: You DDOS'd a community member and came on teamspeak a few days later and threatened me. You will not be unbanned.
Not open for further replies.