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[Anderson] Tre Saddon - metagame through TS, provoking

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Sep 24, 2016
Master Account: stunna
IG Name: tre_saddon
IG Level: 40 somethin
Admin who banned you: Anderson
Day you got banned: 06th December 2017 23:33:44
Reason for ban: metagame through TS, provoking
Do you think this was a false ban? (yes(and why) / no): No.
Admit to offense? (yes/no): I admit to metagaming through Teamspeak, and somewhat provoking. I'll explain my half. I was out on a hit on some corrupt cops, and a citizen who crossed me in the past. Adzio drove me to the Monty, and I hopped out of the car to equip some clothing items. A cop drove up, I walked towards him as I knew him from my time I served in the SO. He asked if the M4 was legal, I told him it was... Whispered to Adzio ''lets go'', he didn't listen to my character and the cops came code 3. I shot the cops and ran, shot two more. Khalessi picked me up after asking where I was over Teamspeak, because, people don't care to use a bind which was my fault. We died, and got banned. Khalessi for 24 hours, myself permanently.

I've spoken to Novi, and Yassin and yourself about the ban already. If you'd be willing to, seeing as most of my issues happen with weapons, I'd want to come back on a gun restriction (meaning I can't use guns without admin permission and for a good reason.) I don't get into trouble when there isn't DM involved, so I feel that would help. I just wanna roleplay, as the faction is now up.

I understand I was back for a short time, but I don't feel the situation warranated a permanent ban. We've talked over Tarkov on multiple occasions and you said it would be a few weeks with good behaviour. I've kept my forum behaviour clean, Teamspeak is iffy. But you said you'd make a decision after Christmas. I am terribly regretful for my actions which occurred that night and I assure you they will not be repeated in the future.

Anderson said:


Retired Admin
Nov 17, 2016

The unban appeal was unsuccessful.
Your IP has remained banned from the server and further actions will be taken if you are caught ban evading.
Your assets (houses, businesses) are now subject to a wipe and are no longer yours to manage (applicable only for perm bans).

Speaking with other administrators and bringing your previous actions into account, we've decided you're going to stay banned for the time being. Yassin said that was your last chance. Although don't take this personally I still think you're a good dude, but your actions and history are just not fit for the server. Feel free to appeal in 6 months.
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