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..::An Unsual Life::..

Apr 5, 2010
Where there is Party!
[The start]
1963 was the year. A child was born in the central hospital in Moscow. After a long birth at the hospital, finnaly something happened. A litte child came out, a little Mikhail. Yup, that's his name. Mikhail. Commonly called, Dimitri, Mik or Mr. Karnalov. Though, in the years he lived, there popped another name up. Something, he didn't knew he was going to be called. Can you guess it? Well, we'll come to that later.. Mikhail began to grow up. Streets of Moscow. The mother, Svetlana, were working in a dry cleaning shop, on the corner of there appartment. Well you could say they owned it. No father though. He was away at the time, away.. Mikhail's first word.. ''Away''. Well.. But story is not that poetic, but still. He was a little shy boy, dark hair, and a long face you could say. He always liked to learn things. Create, modifiy etc. Let's jump a couple of years foward. 1969, Mik just got Six, and then it was time for pre-School. Svetlana found a nice little one, where he could spend his days. A good little school. First, second, third, tenth day.. They were all smooth of those days, until one day. I don't remember exactly when it was, but it was to remember. Mik began to see beauty from the others in the class.. But! Wasn't the girls.. Somebody else.. A boy called Vladislav.. He felt, good, warm and such. He couldn't find out, what was wrong. But it just happened. After that day, nothing happened. Just years passing by..

[The travel]
Mik was finnaly 16! Something he waited for.. Though wasn't the best. Svetlana got cancer, just five years back, and she couldn't stand it.. She passed away just a few days after Mik's birthday. Mikhail were devestaided. He decided to use the insurance, the heir money and his own. To one thing. And thing only. ''A mopet!'' You may think.. Even bigger! A ticket to the most fantastic place.. Vice City Florida. Well.. Times went by, he reached 17 and the 80's just began. He arreived to Escorbar International airport where he wandered just two hours alone. Never seen this new country. America! Land of oppurtunity! He exited the airport and got a cab. He got a ride into downtown, and found an appartment there. It was like he didn't knew what happened when he moved to America. Though he wanted to try it out. Nightclubs, big sportscars, fantastic condos and awesome malls. He had it all.. A fabulous place to live. He hitted a nightclub, Malibu club. He got in! No trouble. Oh. Forgot to say something. 4 years passed, before he could afford a ride to the Malibu district. Twenty-one. He was now a man! Well back to the story. He got in, partied out, got lots of drinks! He was living the nice style. But now.. Something was wrong, he still felt empty. He found a man, in the coat room. They talked, and talked. For hours! Something happened then. Romance! They got in a realationship, they loved eachother. Mikhail was happy. Happy, happy, happy. But. He also made money! By selling guns, drugs and other illegal stuff of course. He was stil our gay guy.. He thought of a name he could use. Gay man, no... Mikhail the gay, no, not that either.. Then it hit him.. Simple name, that explains everything. Gay Mik! Now.. He got 30.. Old.. But that didn't stop him, but.. Something stopped him, to play that game in the Vice.. He lost.. The club... The money.. The drugs, even the guy.. Everything.. IRS were searching for him.. FBI, VCPD, even some of the mobs and gangs. He ran.. He got aboard a ship, that sailed to Red County, and he did it! Settling down in Red County, San Andreas. Couldn't be found there.. He started up again. Gay Mik is in town!