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Jan 6, 2010
I've suggested this before, but I think it should really be added.

Basically any admin can do /aduty. When they do that, their name goes red. The red name means they're on admin duty, and are not roleplaying, meaning they're NOT IC.

When a player does the command /admins, they will see all admins. Basically here's how it will look.

Admin Level 2: Eduardo Gonzales(ID 37) ADMIN DUTY: ON
Admin Level 2: Cruzito Canderis(ID 2) ADMIN DUTY: OFF
Moderator (Level 1): Marcus Deuce(ID 63) ADMIN DUTY: ON
Server Admin: Alec Rae(ID 23) ADMIN DUTY: ON
Admin Level 3: Ian Burns(ID 19) ADMIN DUTY: OFF

Basically it will look like that. If they're on admin duty, it will be listed red. If they're off admin duty, it will be listed as white. Or gray if it blends in better.

Same goes for the name. If they're on admin duty, their name will be red. If they're off, they're name will be white like everyone else.

Red: On admin duty. Not IC. Responds to reports and requests.
White: Off admin duty. IC. Roleplays, but can also do admin commands if they need.

Hope this suggestion gets added, I think it's needed. Admin sometimes just may want to RP, and has to respond to reports anyways in the middle because people start bitching. If you're on admin duty, then you won't have to worry about being broke up from your RP. Tell me what you guys think.

Other things. If they do /aduty again, they'll go off duty. And if they do /aduty another time, they'll go on duty. Their name will change colors when they do the command. NO public message will be displayed. If someone wants to see if an admin is on duty, they'll have to do /admins.
Jan 8, 2010
/support, Maybe if an admin does /aduty they get teleported to a really far away spot (like a island in the middle of the ocean) so rpers cant see them.
and when they do /adutyoff they spawn at their own spawn spot.
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