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Acorn Fields is now FOR SALE! Gigantic Farm! [SOLD!]

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Jan 6, 2010
Wisconsin, USA
One of the most beautiful farms of Red County is now for sale!
Acorns Fields is a really nice farm far out into Red County.
It is perfect for anyone.
Lots of Privacy, and some sheds you can park your cars in!
The drive out here is not long at all, once you know the shortest route to take.
Here are the pictures of whole farm, but be prepared. There will be a lot of pictures to cover the entire farm.

It has a positively beautiful interior, trust me on that.
Starting bid is $1 Million!
Autowin: If you want to make an offer for the autowin, put "Autowin: $_________".
Thank You, and good luck bidding!

Yurik Cherdenko

Nikita_Cherdenko said:
***breaths in***
1 hundrend million zimbabwean dollars.
(( that probably aint worth shit like 5$ us dollars or somethin. ))
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