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Implemented [Accepted] Viewing friends information on the UCP

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Dec 18, 2013
I quite often go on the UCP to view the SACFD faction members list to see who's online in the FD when i'm not online. It would be nice to also be able to see from the 'Friends' tab, when a friend is online or not, and view their profile to see what characters they are on if they are online.

As an example:

*Click the friends tab, it brings up all friend requests, pending sent requests, and current friends*
John_Doe - Online/Offline (Or green/red name)
Friends since: 2014-06-15 17:27:32 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remove

*Click on John_Doe, which would be linked to their profile, it brings you to a new page showing their profile*
(On their profile you would see:)
John_Doe - Online/Offline (Or green/red name)

John Doe's Characters
John_Doe - Last online: 07/28/94 - SACFD
Samantha_Doe - Last online: 07/28/94 - SASP
Quinton_Doe - Last online: 07/28/94 - DoC
Jesse_Doe - Last online: 07/28/94 - E.T.

Friends since: 2014-06-15 17:27:32 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remove

And if you are in a faction for example, SACFD, like me, HC and have UCP permissions to fire/promote/demote, you can select the character which is in that same faction and manage the member from there like:

*Clicks on John_Doe's name, which links me back to the management screen where it would bring me from managing through the SACFD UCP Management screen*

SA County Fire Department
Editing Member Details for John_Doe
Please remember that you can not promote someone to a higher rank than yourself.


"FF/EMT"(Drop down list to change the rank)

Submit ~ Cancel ~ Fire

However all this would ONLY be available if they are a 'friend' and they accept your friend request. This way, people who don't want others viewing their accounts/characters can prevent randoms from viewing it, by not friending them.


May 24, 2010
Re: Viewing friends information on the UCP


Suggestion has been: Accepted

Date: 16-07-2014
Developer: DonutSeller

This suggestion has been accepted and will be implemented as soon as possible.

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