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A story that made everyone read it commit sucide??? !!!

Legend Karim

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Jan 10, 2010
Ok guys, i found it in another language and translated my self ... so it's not perfect translation

:arrow: A man was standing on a bridge gonna commit suicide and just, so an old man approached and asked him what are you doing? Why are you going to commit suicide ? Ans : a big complicated family problem.

:arrow: He replied well, their is no problem without an answer ... tell me what is it i might solve it for you ?

Story : I married a widow she had a daughter, my father fell in love with the daughter and married her so, my father became the husband of my daughter and i became my fathers father-in-law and when my wife became pregnant and had a boy, the boy became my fathers grand-son and since the boy is the brother of my fathers wife which is like my aunt ... my son became my uncle ... and when my fathers wife had a boy, he became my brother from my father and in the same time my grand-son because he is my grand-sons wife from her daughter and my wife became the grand-mother of my brother so she is my grand-mother and i'm her grand-son therefore i became my wifes grand-son .. and because the grand-mother of my brother, i became the grand-father of my brother and in the same time im my grand-father and my grand son


Let's jump together from the bridge :p

i hope you like it btw it took 30 mins to translate so pls comment :D


/me hums to the delightful tune of the "I'm my own grandpa" ditty.