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[A] Peppi Azzopardi | SANews Application

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Apr 13, 2012

This is the first stage for someone who is interested within becoming a member of the SANews Network. It's a fairly simple question-based application which explain everything you will need to know in order to become a member of the SANews Network. Once and if you pass the application, you will be moved onto an interview stage, which you will have in person with a member of Management. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact a member to ensure you have only the clearest understanding of what to do in order to pass.

Section I - Personal Information.
This section will contain details regarding you as a person and simple facts and key information so we know as much as possible about you.​

Full Legal Name: Peppi Azzopardi
Date of Birth: 29/7/1969
Sex/Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Albino
Telephone: 4752580
Address: N/a

Height: 5 foot tall
Weight: 182 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single

Section II - Education and Past Experiences.
Here, you will need to state what type of Education you have had - Regardless of the qualifications we want you to list them all. In addition to the following, you are asked to state all you previous experiences regarding reporting or writing in anyway, shape or form possible.​

Primary Education: Los Santos Primary
Secondary Education: Los Santos Secondary
High School: San Fierro High School
College Studies: Marketing and Journalism
University: University of San Fierro
Degree/PhD/Other Qualifications Obtained: A* in Marketing and in Mechanics.

Have you ever been previously hired as an reporter?: No
Have you ever applied for the SANews Network in the past?: No
List any previous or current employments: N/a

Section III - Miscellaneous.
This section will go into more detail on why you wish to follow this career path; it will also contain questions regarding your reasoning for wanting to join the SANews Network in the first place.​

Why do you want to join the SANews Network? (50 words): I have lived in a time were the Media was used only to benefit the government, and was often called as a *Hidden Agenda*. I am applying for this job, so that I could prove everyone wrong about this statement. My dreams were always to be a reporter, to tell and unfold the truth in every circumstance. On the other hand I would be providing money for my family from a career that I would always enjoy.

Why should you be hired over someone else? (50 words): The most difficult thing in life is to know one's self. Fortunately, I have managed to identify my personality, and see my ups and downs, that formed me throughout my whole life. I am a responsible man, who could deal with any situation, even in under pressure. Friendship is another aspect that does not lack in me, because I could be very friendly and sympathize with others right away. I am an outgoing individual, and could be on the field of duty when instructed.

Do you have a criminal record? If yes, please state in further detail: No, I don't.

Section IV - Out of Character.
The last section is totally out of character, and therefore all of the questions are OOC therefore you are expected to answer them all OOC'ly. You don't need to answer the first three questions if you really don't want too.​

Name: Peppi Azzopardi
Age: 20
Gender: Male
IG Level: 1
GMT/Timezone: (UTC+01:00)
Administrative Record:

Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed?: Yes
Do you have a working microphone?: Yes

Rate your skill of Roleplay'ing from 1-10?: 9
Why did you choose that level of skill?: I have roleplayed in several RP servers, espacially Red County, my ALT account is lvl (13)

Are you familiar with the how reporting works within the US?: Yes
Other Information/Notes:



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Nov 21, 2010
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Re: Peppi Azzopardi | SANews Application


Application Reviewal.
We're happy to inform you that a member of SANews' Management team have reviewed your currently application to us, and as a result they have chosen to accept the application.
You will now be moved onto the interview stage of the recruitment process which will be held, in person, at would main Headquarters. Feel free to call a member of the Management team and any one of them will be happy to conduct your interview - it should only take a matter of minutes.
Congratulations, and good luck.

((Call any Management member IG and request the interview and then refer them to this application, you can find a list of the current Management team over here)).



Dec 4, 2010
Interview Response


Application Reviewal.
We are happy to inform you that an associate for SANews Corporation's Human Resources Department has reviewed your interview and has chosen to accept you as a member of the San Andreas News Network.
Congratulations on passing the recruitment stage for SANews, we cannot wait to see what you can provide for us.

((Ensure you make a usergroup request and that's you've been added to the roster, once again, congratulations)).

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