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Jan 9, 2010
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I found this and i guess it will be very helpfull since alot people think the roleplay is totaly dead or to soft.

Alright, to start with basic things.
/me's and /do's.
/me slides his cellphone out of his pocket.
/do It's an iPhone ( example ).

/me rubs his chin while looking around.
/me takes a seat on the chair/sofa.

How to use /do's.

/do's are based on IC information, they are OOC but's it's based on IC.
You see someone with a mask, you want to know what he is wearing on his face, example: sunglasses, blindfold.

You ask this:
/do What do you wear on your face?
And if he is going to answer you back, he will do it like this:
/do Black sunglasses.

Maybe he will tell you more details, like his clothes etc. Maybe he got a skinmod and he looks way different than the skin you see. So everytime ask him, /do How do you look like? What clothes do you wear?


You can't take large weapons out of your pocket or unholster them from your belt. It's non-rp.
You can RP it like this: /do Dennis is carrying a sportsbag in his hand/on his back.
/me unzips the bag and digs into the bag taking out an AK47/M4/MP5. ( Or anything else ).
/me zips the bag closed and swings it back/puts it on the ground.

You don't need /me's for handguns, like knives or Deagle's. But it would improve the RP, so.. here is a example:

/me lifts his shirt up and slides his Deagle out of his waist taking the safety off.

/me puts the safety of the Deagle on and lifts his shirt up sliding the Glock.17 in.

You can simply use keybinders, much easier and it takes 0,2 seconds to press a button. (If you are lazy not, lol).

Roleplaying a car crash.

When you are driving on a sunny day, and someone appears unexpectly infront of you, crashing into your car, RP the following:

├óÔé¼┬ó Check your seatbelt.
├óÔé¼┬ó Use /me's or /do's, example:

/do Airbag pops out.
/do My head is bleeding, my nose has been broken.
/me shakes his head very slowly.
/me takes his seatbelt off carefully.
/attempt to push the airbag away a bit so he can move around.
/me attempts to open the door.
/do Locked/Unlocked : Depends on it. ( In this case unlocked ).
/me steps out carefully.
/me looks at the other car.
/me tries to stay awake after being hit hardly. ( You can always roleplay if you got hit hardly/softly ).
/me reaches to his pocket sliding out his cellphone.
/me calls the emergency line.
/phone - Call - 911.
You: Medics.
You: I need immediatly help after having a carcrash, please s..en..d me.. a ambu..lance..
( Hopefully the ambulance will arive, if not, RP it yourself. )

Remember: ALWAYS ROLEPLAY A CARCRASH.. both sides. If you drive off without roleplaying a carcrash and an admin caught you, you will be punished for non-rp.

Roleplaying being shot/injured.

If you are in a shoot-out and you got shot, the first thing you have to RP is:

/do Where did I get shot?
And if the shooter doesn't answer you, RP it yourself like this:
/do I got shot in my right leg.

/me falls down and hits the ground.
/me looks around slowly and moves his view to his bleeding leg.
/me holds his leg tightly.
( Try to call the emergency line, if you don't want to RP that, RP with someone else or take care of it yourself ).
/me crawls to his car.
/me opens the backdoor and gets inside the backseat carefully.
/me reaches under the front passenger seat and takes a medi-kit.
/me opens the medi-kit and takes a knife out of it.
/me cuts the area of his pants where the wound is.
/attempt to take the bullet out of his leg using the knife. (If you fail, try to RP more and /attempt over 10 seconds again.)
'' It Succeeds ''.
/me drops the knife on the floor and reaches to the medi-kit.
/me takes a syringe out of the kit and a small bottle alcohol.
/me takes the cap of the bottle off, and drips some alcohol on his wound.
/me pours the alcohol on his wound.
'' This helps to prevent infections and such ''.
/me pricks the syringe in his leg using it.
/do There are some anaesthetize stuff in it so it he won't feel it.
/me takes the syringe out and puts it back in the kit.
/me takes some thread and a needle from the kit.
/me starts sewing the thread to his leg, closing the wound.
/do 1/4
/do 2/4
/me notices his wound is full with blood.
/me takes a bottle water from the kit and takes the cap off, using the water to clean his leg.
/me rips a piece from his shirt using it to dry the wound and holds his leg thightly so it won't bleed.
/me remains closing the wound.
/qu Argh.. it still hurts a bit..
/do 3/4
/do 4/4
/do Done.

/me throws the remaining thread away and puts the needle back in the kit.
/me takes some bandage from the kit.
/me starts wrapping the bandage around his wound.
/do 1/3.
/do 2/3.
/do 3/3.
/do Done.

Again its just a copy/paste but a very usefull for noobies :D
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