A full guide how to RP a sureno gang-member.

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May 18, 2010
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I hope i can help to the new players which want to RP a mexican/hispanic and join a spanish gang (LO,SWC,ED..)

Most of the used spanish words and their meanings:

Hola - Hello

Atun - Idiot.

Bepi - Kid; boy.

Bicho - Prick; dick; penis.

Bueno - Good; Can be used as "alright".

Bombon - Hot man.

Brazuca - Brazilian person.(Can be used as an insult)

Pelas - Dough; cash; money.

Dinero - Money: cash.

Brazo - Weapon: gun.

Perro - Poor performer.(used for sports players, singers,etc...)

Perra - Bad woman; bitch;.

Culo - Ass.

Puto - Bitch.

Amigo - Friend.

Al Menos - At least.

Puta madre - Motherfucker; fuck off.

Ya que - Because; since.

En serio - Seriously.

Ni torta - No idea.

Epa - Wow; oh.

Orto - Ass; asshole; arse.

Oso - Heavy person.

Otra vez - Again; once more.

Caja - Pussy; Cunt.

Orale/Horale - Alright.

Barbara - Hot (said for women)

Vato - Homie.

Holmes - Homies.

Adios - Bye.

Puro - Cigarette.

Hasta luego - Later.

Nos vemos - See you again.

Perdido - Complete.

Bicho - Ugly man; ugly woman.

Morrir - To die.

Hermano - Brother.

Vamonos/Vamos - Let's go.

Maricon - Gay.

Poner a salvo - Save; rescue.

Puta - Whore.

Cabron - Fucker.

Jura - Police.

Loco - Crazy.

Pinche Jurras - Fucking cops.

Pendejo - Coward.

Estupido - Stupid.

Marica - Pussy.

Chico - Boy.

Carro - Car

Chica - Girl.

Payaso - Idiot.

Pito - Dick.

Hijo De Puta - Motherfucker.

Tu - You.

El Jefe - The Jefe.

Guerrero - Warrior.

Chale - No.

Ese - At all it means "friend" "dude".The surenos use ese/The Nortenos ene.

Donde estas - Where are you?

Gracias - Thanks.

Bien - Alright.

Beef - War with other gang.

187 - For gangs it usually means fucking up another gang.

Lerio - Moonshine: Weed.

Faster - Rapido.

Longer sentences:​

Que pasa - What are you doing ?

Que paso - What happend?

Que honda - How's it going ?

Chinga tu Madre - Fuck your Mother.

Tu puta madre - Your mother is a bitch.

Hasta la muerte - Till I die.

Ponerse como una hiena - Get pissed; Be furious.

Que quiere comprar - What do you want to buy?

Dame los brazos - Pass me the gun.

Mire - Look at that.

Tome esto - Take it/that.

Cerrado y escuchar - Shut up and listen.

Que quiere negro? - What do you want nigger.

Vete a la mierda - Get the fuck out!

Elige lo que encaja - Take what you're interested in.

How to use the slang:

Few examples:
1.You can replace (H) and (G) by (')

Hola - Ola'.

Something - Somethin'.

Fucking broken tahoma - Fuckin' broken ta'oma.

2.You can replace (S) to (Z) but do not use it much.Never use it for the words "ese" "Holmes".
This sucks - T'is zuckz.

Ay w'sup ese - Ay' w'zup ese.

Few examples of the happening things in a spanish gang:

What if a member of the gang is disrespecting the leader?
Usually when this happens the leader calls another two vatos and beats the crap out of the member who has disrespected him.
The members have to follow the leader's orders,if they don't they will be punished.

What if someone insult you on the street?:
If it is in the middle of Montgomery for example you have to wait till he goes out of the town and follow him.
When he stops his car somewhere nearly or out of the town you go to him and beat the crap out of him with bats,fists,knives.

Usually they tag their own territory by tags such as "Sx3" "13" "SuR" "(The name of the gang)" "Respect"..

The cars that mexicans drive:
They drive cars such as tahomas,savannas,huntleis and sultans(Not so much as the other cars).

The most common question,how to RP your way in a spanish gang?:

First of all you must have a mexican name,be a good RPer,know the rules of the server and the hispanic slangs and some of the hispanic words.

1.First you have to find where do they hang IC'ly.NEVER ask a higher ranked person by a pm:Where are you?Either it'll get you denied,either you won't have a very big chance.
2.Alright let's say you found them.Remember,NEVER and NEVER say:Ola' i want to join your gang.You'll get beaten up and kicked out of the town.
3.What exactly should you do when you find them IC'ly?Of course i will not say word by a word how exactly to RP your way in a spanish gang,because everyone will copy it and enter easily.
You can go to them,then maybe they'll ask you:Who are you?etc..Remember,never say "I want to join your gang." You will tell your name and try to become friends with them.You can do a little RP such as withdrawing a pack of cigarette and a lighter from your pocket and offer it to the man.
You must not annoy them.If they like you,they'll give you some "dirty jobs" and if you do them sucessfully you'll probably get hired.
Remember the "dirty jobs" are not the only one thing.When you become more friendly with them,they'll probably take you with them to drink a beer or rob someone to see how do you RP.

Well i hope this guide can help to many people.
Of course there is more and i haven't revealed everything,but if i do either the information will be used for "Metagaming" either the joining in a gang will be very easy.
Also you can watch these movies:












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Seeker said:
Ok i got a Mexican acc and i'm in ED,but what exactly should i RP?
He he ;)

Nice guide btw.


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May 18, 2010
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Robin said:
Seeker said:
Ok i got a Mexican acc and i'm in ED,but what exactly should i RP?
He he ;)

Nice guide btw.
Well yea just for an example xD.
Thanks mate.
Jan 30, 2011
Yea, very nice, it would be very useful if I decide to join La Onda someday. I like it, tough.
Dec 4, 2010
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Great.. I'm gonna make a new alt and join it for LO :twisted:

Nice guide, by the way.
Sep 14, 2010
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Great guide.
Well I just posted this on the El Diablos private board and asked everyone (especially the new members) to have a look at it. As it'll improve ED's RP.
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