white collar

  1. Liquid Hound

    Arsenevskaya OPG

    The Arsenevskaya OPG is a crew mainly consistent of Russian-American people who started a race against poverty and a fight against the bad living conditions they used to be in, the Brigada was founded by Vladislav Arsenyev , Afanasiy Luzhkov and Kiril Dvornikov as well as Sergei Yanovich even...
  2. Metwally

    Union Corporation

    The Rise of Union Corp And Its Family of Companies By Fredrick Miller and Ulysses Eliot Union corp. is a brand new corporate giant in San Andreas that has risen as a union between several small companies. Founded by three businessmen, each owning a company in Red County or Bone County. Felix...
  3. Winged

    Official Argent Corporation

    OVERVIEW Argent Innovations is the leading research & development corporation in the State of San Andreas with its main headquarters being located in Bone County. The company has multiple assets and facilities at its disposal such as laboratories, research centers, lecture halls, offices and...