1. CLOSED [SOLD] 5 Bayside Trailer | 35,000.

    Very beautiful and cozy trailer located near Bayside, fully furnished with a small garden. Unlocked for viewing purposes. Price: 35,000. Trades are accepted. Give me a call, SMS or send me an E-Mail. PN: 2008692 E-Mail: [email protected] (( Forum PM or Discord Trapaidze#3362 )) ((...
  2. Yurai

    CLOSED 11 Angel Pine Caravan (Big Interior)

    STARTING: $50.000 Bid-Step:$5.000 Buyout:$70.000
  3. Smile

    CLOSED 8 Lacksum Lane

    Starting price: $50,000 Bid-step: $5,000 Buy-out: $85,000 The trailer is fully furnished with everything you possibly need.