1. Andreas Savvides

    [TommyB] - Tenebrae_Valkorion - Ban Appeal

    Master Account: lDarthVitiatel Character Name: Tenebrae_Valkorion Admin who banned you: TommyB Date you got banned: Aug 27, 2017 Reason for ban: Ramming other players and vehicles. Admit to offense?: Yes Other comments: I apologize for breaking the rules. At the time, I wasn't...
  2. QueenOlivia

    [Emina_Burke] - William_Edler - Ban Appeal

    Master Account: OliviaQueen Character Name: William_Edler Admin who banned you: Emina_Burke Date you got banned: Apr 5, 2018 Reason for ban: Metagaming using /pm Admit to offense?: Yes Other comments: Alright, I agree it was wrong to use /pm to contact my friends but a ban only for this...