1. GoodFella

    Living in Red County: Public Opinion | SANFeed

    Living in Red County: Public Opinion By Henry Sparks • Editor: Lyanna Maxwell Research by Alex Shukeiro, Henry Sparks Published 21st February 2019 Red County is a rural area, containing many hills and forests, and a stream flows through it, from Palomino Creek in the east to Flint County...
  2. Sinnex

    Denied Increase high end engines repair cost and time, custom fuel consumption.

    Especially for high end cars such as Turismo, Cheetah, Bullet, Elegy, Buffalo and so on, those being defined as exotic or supercars, when damaged in "exclusive" parts such as engines their appropiate repairs should be way more costly while, let's say, a car body could be just replaced, same for...
  3. Ciovo

    Denied Signal left/right

    Well, while this update brought hazards , let's also add blinkers. Some dudes like me use /ame's to signal where's my intention to go, but some people don't see my /ame's, also my keybind's broken. Anyways, I don't know if this thing is posibile in SAMP, but it would be cool. The comands should...