1. Sandriko

    Importing SA:MP Objects in blender

    I just started creating skin mods (bodyswapping) and I want to know where San Andreas stores objects like bandana or bulletproof vest, ones that you can buy In the clothing store. And how to import them In blender. Thanks.
  2. Sandriko

    [REL] My first skin.

    This is my very first skin, I learned to headswap/bodyswap just a few hours ago so please don't judge too hard. DL: (Necklace looks pink in the picture but I fixed it, it looks normal IG) Replaces: bmyst but you can change it to other skin. If...
  3. JBoone91


    Cotas Ver Dagikleb#7385 Hit me up for requests V2 LSSD Version Credits: Me, Murdeopolis. Justice For George Floyd
  4. 0AK


    C.O.O.R.S. (Comrades of Our Racial Struggle) Family Skins/Coors Family Skinheads (CFS) Racist skinhead group based in San Andreas State, but most members reside within Red County and Bone County, Fort Carson. The group, formed around 1999, describes itself as a “White Power family/Kindred of...
  5. NUK3e

    bikers, booze & women

    s/o @SadMan sadmen outlaw mc
  6. BillyBoo

    BillyBoo's Workshop

    Mad shoutout to my boy @asianviking for guiding me through modding. Might take simple REQ's time to time, depends, just shoot me a PM. creds ot whoever i yeeted shit from More skins on the next pages ------------->
  7. Zayats

    cliqued up with the woods

    this thread will document the development of david baum
  8. Grafake

    Grafake shithole

    In this topic, you can see some of my mappings and skins! Enjoy! There are some of my created skins, more like re-textured skins.
  9. GlassOfWhiskey


    Welcome to my showroom! Heres some of my skins, I had more but could'nt find everything! I'll keep this updated! Enjoy!
  10. lew


    This thread will document the development of Kurt Bradford.
  11. Mussy

    [outdated] mussy's corner store

    Hi. I mod using Blender. I only do SA styled peds, weapons, and objects. Guns Skins
  12. M1KE

    Some female skins