1. attilathehun

    Gangs and Turfs in Blueberry | San Andreas News Network

    Gangs and Turfs in Blueberry By Mary Jane, Intern 05.06.2020 As an intern, I did my first research in Blueberry. I've been investigating Oakridge Apartments and Rumbley Projects for weeks. Bloods suddenly disappeared and only a few remained at Oakridge. A new Asian crew emerged from...
  2. attilathehun

    RCFD Monthly Ceremony | San Andreas News Network

    RCFD Monthly Ceremony By Beatrice Roberts, Senior Reporter 01.05.2020 The Red County Fire Department held its monthly ceremony at Station 1. The ceremony started with paying respect for Tom Fox and all fallen firefighters, it was followed with the employees promoted at the ceremony getting...
  3. attilathehun

    Interview with New Silentium Management | San Andreas News Network

    INTERVIEW WITH NEW SILENTIUM MANAGEMENT By: Beatrice Roberts,Senior Reporter 17.04.2020 As you all know, there was a significant change in Silentium management a few days ago. Today Silentium has a new director, Stefan Wilson. With the help of intern Jackson Timberling, we interviewed...
  4. GoodFella

    Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male

    Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male By Henry Sparks • Editor: Henry Sparks Published 7th March 2019 Car-ramming and firearm attacks have been a fixture of a swell of deadly violence in Red County over the past few months. The Red County Fire Department also reported an abnormal...
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    ((LAST UPDATED - 31-12-2018))
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    On The Mic

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    I need criminal record document

    Section I - Personal Information 1.1 - Surname: Baily 1.2 - Forename: Wilson 1.3 - Gender: Male 1.4 - Contact Number: 2077009 1.5 - Current Address: Unkown 1.6 - Copy of ID: (( - To obtain your ID, type /licenses in-game, then press F8. Collect the screenshot at My Documents/GTA San Andreas...