1. ElemenTas

    out da way

    This thread will follow the life of Daniel Phelps, a local mechanic/petrol-head in Rockshore.
  2. Wolfy

    CLOSED Rockshore pay 'n' spray ((+ a semi finished interior))

    I'm selling a repair shop which is located in Linden side, a small district close to Rockshore. The interior is undergoing renovations, new equipment has been bought; the walls, as well as the ceilings and floors, have been refreshed in all areas. The repair shop can be checked out at any time...
  3. Wolfy

    CLOSED Rockshore Electronics Store [Status: "Sold!"]

    ((Earnings are somewhat moderate)) Auctioning this convenient electronics store situated in the middle of Rockshore. Starting is $1,025,000 Bid-step: $25,000 Buyout: $1,725,000 (negotiable) ((Reserved bid placed with Earl)) Auction progress: 100,green