1. 1NF0LLW

    [RC-RP Community - Back To Her Roots]

    Finally some passive roleplay besides all the crazy shit that goes on in Red County.
  2. #9Smith

    Risk A LOT to save A LOT

    This thread will follow the private and professional life of 29 years old firefighter, Todd Delgado.
  3. Cyclone.

    40 – 23

    Troy Bennett #40 - David Winslow #23 This thread will be following Troy Bennett and David Winslow's development and will be connected to Red County Fire Department faction media and development thread.
  4. wsasRO

    Hazardous Gas Leak Disturbs the Peace of Montgomery | County Press

    Hazardous Gas Leak Disturbs the Peace of Montgomery By Ronald Fowler • Editors Sarah McOnelly, Oliver Fowler Published April 25th, 2019 The late afternoon of 24th of April had turned out to be rather unpredictable for the employees of County Press. Suspicions raised when an uncommon odor had...
  5. Red County News Corp.

    Supreme Court Justice Sinclair has passed away | Red County News Corporation

    Supreme Court Justice Sinclair has passed awaySupreme Court Justice Jason Sinclair unexpectedly passed away today, funeral held at 01:00 PM. The Red County News Corporation is sad to announce that the Supreme Court Justice, Jason Sinclair has passed away at the age of 50. The announcement of...
  6. Red County News Corp.

    The Fire Department reaches out | Red County News Corporation

    The Fire Department reaches outThe Red County Fire Department reaches out to the community with a message regarding recruitment, read about it below! Have you ever thought of becoming a firefighter within the Red County Fire Department? Being a firefighter isn't an easy task and it does require...