1. wsasRO

    Dirty White Boys

    This thread belongs to the Sons of the South, and is a thorough portrayal of the imprisoned countryboys and their endurance to the horror of being isolated from freedom. Please refrain from replying - much appreciated!
  2. TomaFromTheHood

    Implement a new prison map or at least an actual prison.

    We currently only have county jail and some members of the community such as myself RP it as prison due to the lack of an existing one. The problem is that the mapping is very limited, there is no SHU, no yard, no chow hall, no classes, no library, no visitation room besides the one through...
  3. idratherdie

    sólo el verdadero sobrevivir

    Sólo los verdaderos sobreviven detrás de ellos muros, presionantes, poniendo en el trabajo, y representando, así es como te conviertes en realidad.
  4. idratherdie

    where d key at, who got it?

    Isaiah '.....' ....... Tha come up. Born 1995, raised in Los Santos, he was up to no good, banging, robbing, invasions.. All thing's he got on with, he seemed normal with it, the plan was to chase the bag. The bag that was short-lived, and not worth it. Isaiah was up to no good after told that...