1. hashtagelectro

    Real Car Chases and Police Provoking

    Making my point clear. This topic is supposed to encourage the realism around the car community and to dissolve the opinion that in real life, there’s nobody doing chases for the fun of it and actually risking their lives. Not trying to prove anything, not trying to engage in an argument or to...
  2. Cappunocci

    "What? You've never seen a gay cop before?" - Johnathan Dalton

    Johnathan Dalton. Disclaimer: This thread will follow the Character Story and Development of Johnathan Klaus Dalton. The screenshots that I post are made in my own style and standard, and I'd like for criticism to be kept low and positive, rather than overly negative. None of the information in...
  3. GoodFella

    Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male

    Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male By Henry Sparks • Editor: Henry Sparks Published 7th March 2019 Car-ramming and firearm attacks have been a fixture of a swell of deadly violence in Red County over the past few months. The Red County Fire Department also reported an abnormal...
  4. Zayats

    INTF - ID

  5. GoodFella

    Illegal Street Racing: The Naked Truth | SANFeed

    Illegal Street Racing: The Naked Truth By Henry Sparks • Editor: Lyanna Maxwell Published 21st February 2019 Races organized by defiant young people to test their cars and motorbikes have recently gained a greater magnitude in San Andreas. To better understand this topical subject, we must...