peach crescent

  1. horizon

    Main Street Housing Youth

    Main Street Housing Youth is formed by a local African-American teenager group located in Palomino Creek, Main Street & Peach Crescent. The Main Street Housing Youth started off when two friends moved over to Palomino Creek with their parents and began studying at the same, local high-school...
  2. Steelo

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  3. Steelo

    47 Peach Project Gangsters

    47 PEACH PROJECT GANGSTERS (47PPG), also known as PEACH BOYZ (PB), is a multi-ethnical street gang, controlling Peach Crescent Housing Projects in northern Palomino, San Andreas. The clique is one of the newest growing gangs in the United States which does not classify with any other existing...
  4. Niro

    Kelvin Bullard

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  5. Possible

    57 ValleyHood Family Crips

    The gang was originally formed back in the early 1950's and was known as the Peach Crescent Family to fight against the extreme racist laws that were put into effect by political figures who were alligned with racist movements such as the Klu Klux Klan, Northern Creek Society and White Pride...