motorcycle club

  1. Scrappy

    Punishers Motorcycle Club

    The history of Punishers MC Members of the Belfast chapter on a ride out The Punishers Motorcycle Club is an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) based out of Belfast, Ireland. The Club was formed during the early 2000s in Belfast, during which time three friends and their respective families came...
  2. BillyBoo

    Surtr's Motorcycle Club

    This thread will follow the development of a newly formed motorcycle Club. Surtr's MC
  3. BillyBoo

    Jokers Motorcycle Club

    The Jokers Motorcycle Club, commonly referred to as "JMC" is a traditional American motorcycle club, with its roots stemming from Red County, San Andreas. The club was formed by Thomas Gray, his brother and some family friends in Dillimore, 1995 but has since expanded with a second chapter in...
  4. Mayhemer

    san andreas' last thunderbirds

    This thread will follow the casual development of the last patched members within the Thunderbirds MC in San Andreas. ((OOC info: This thread won't be anything like an actual faction thread. We'll be doing this for the fun, RP and character development, until we decide it's time to step up to...
  5. BautistaTurturro

    On the road again...

    This thread will follow the development of Jackson Walker, lifelong motorcycle enthusiast. Old picture of Jackson´s parents with him at the age of four.
  6. Kingsley

    Savage Reapers Motorcycle Club

    The Savage Reapers Motorcycle Club (SRMC) or Reapers as it is commonly referred too, is an American one-percenter motorcycle club. The organisation, although it claims to be non-racial, consists predominantly of "white males" and is considered to be an organised crime syndicate. The members of...