1. TheLegacy3

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  2. ElemenTas

    its modelo time foo

    This thread will cover the lives of two hispanic teens who reside in the Dawn Alley area, Dylan Lacasa & Martin Valdez, both of them are extremely money-motivated and are trying to make ends meet.
  3. ElemenTas

    CLOSED The Neon Diner

    Looking to get around 5m, not accepting trades. Proof of ownership: Pictures of the interior and exterior:
  4. CLOSED Trading AP Supermarket

    Looking to trade Angel Pine Supermarket for a cafe of a restaurant which must be located in Montgomery or Palomino Creek. AP Supermarket: Payout: $1000 Large interior (( I would love to get your offers to my PMs <3 ))
  5. CLOSED 2 Montgomery flats for sale!

    Selling two beautifully furnished Montgomery flats! 1. Block 15 Flat 2 - $50,000 2. Block 18 Flat 3 - $50,000
  6. CLOSED Montgomery flat

    Selling a flat with a beautiful interior. Block 15 Flat 2 Price: $50,000
  7. GoodFella

    Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male

    Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male By Henry Sparks • Editor: Henry Sparks Published 7th March 2019 Car-ramming and firearm attacks have been a fixture of a swell of deadly violence in Red County over the past few months. The Red County Fire Department also reported an abnormal...
  8. Deshawner

    Dawn Alley 13

    Dawn Alley 13 also known by the name of DA13 for short, is a ruthless, predominatly Hispanic street gang set up in the north side of Montgomery, they are also known as "Tiny Alley Lokotes 13" Dawn Alley uses the number 13 to show their allegiance to the Mexican Mafia. Dawn has a predominantly...
  9. Ciovo

    CLOSED Montogomery Block 19 Flat 1

    Good day everyone and welcome to the auction.Today I'm selling a beautiful flat located in Montgomery. Starting:50.000$ Bidstep:1.000$ Buyout:65.000$