1. Sandriko

    Huge Square Hud Mod.

    Title says it all.
  2. Steelo

    O/L 301

    Menace Of Destruction's traphouse at Outer Loan, Palomino
  3. Sandriko

    Importing SA:MP Objects in blender

    I just started creating skin mods (bodyswapping) and I want to know where San Andreas stores objects like bandana or bulletproof vest, ones that you can buy In the clothing store. And how to import them In blender. Thanks.
  4. Sandriko

    [REQ] Dashcam mod for that works on every car

    I found this mod ( that allows you to get dashcam view from your car, but It only works on government cars, if there are any mods similar to this one which allow me to use it on every vehicle send me a download link or tell me if I...
  5. Axilleas

    [REQ] Car speed lock.

    Hello fellow roleplayers, I was trying to find a mod for quite some time now. I think it is a car surfing mod? What it does is basically lock the speed of the car in which you're driving and just goes straight forward until you hit a button and cancel it. It doesn't affect the top speed of the...
  6. alro

    Realistic night, my mod combinations.


    [REL] RED COUNTY FIRE PACK [4/3/18 14:58]

    Hey guys...You may think im new here...or who is this dweeb. but ive been here for awhile and im not new to the community nor modeling/skinning/development for SA... With that being said come along with me and lets experience this journey together. I dont see any custom Red County Fire...