1. charizardisdead

    Charizard's Creations ©

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  2. RAZR

    [RAZR's Workshop] The last one™

    hi, yall haven't been hearing from me for a while, frankly cause i went inactive on sa:mp and went on to play other games. sadly this meant that all my mapping projects got canceled due to lack of interest or just because i dont have time to do any mappings anymore. one last big project was on...
  3. Grafake

    Grafake shithole

    In this topic, you can see some of my mappings and skins! Enjoy! There are some of my created skins, more like re-textured skins.
  4. ss4gogeta0

    [REL] Havana Map [Large 3DS Max OBJ]

    Same as the other post, a release of a 3DS Max Map for people who want to work on it and make it better, this time its Cuban. Same rules as Rio map apply (its buggy/might take a while to load due to sheer size unless you check the "load as single object" option) How it Looks: Map layout...
  5. ss4gogeta0

    [REL] Rio De Janeiro Map [Large 3DS Max OBJ]

    Here is something I am posting just in case someone wants to work on it and make a mod out of it. It is slightly buggy and very large (I think twice the size of SA's Map) So loading it in 3DS Max might take a while (Unless you check the option that loads everything as a single object) How it...