1. badabing

    Clan Troiani

    Inside the Camorra: The other side of the Italian Mafia Georgio Antonio: May 12th, 2012 A so-called super boss of a powerful clan within the Camorra mafia has turned state witness and is collaborating with investigators in Naples, Italian media reported on Thursday. Antonio Iovine, one of the...
  2. ndrangheta

    Gangster No. 1

  3. DiFenucci

    Desert Hustler

    Eugene Lanza ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Eugene Lanza (Born 1967) is an Italian-American mobster who is currently a captain in the Las Venturas mob. Eugene Lanza outside...
  4. The Morelli Family ((PENDING ACCEPTANCE))

    ((All Information contained here-in is to be viewed entirely as OOC unless otherwise stated at the beginning of its post.)) ((The Morelli Family is an Organized Crime Family. Our goal within this family is to accurately portray traditional Mafioso RP and values. This means strict policy on...
  5. Tokyo SWhale

    Veljkovskaya OPG

    The roots of what followed to be a prominent group of people with nothing but bad intentions, have grown in the outskirts of Bayside, San Andreas. A restaurant, locally known as "Little Moscow", was the organisation's den. Sergey Tevzadze and Dimitri Ivanovic, the duo responsible for the mobs...
  6. ndrangheta

    Georgie Aggro

    Here we goes.