• Connecting to the SA:MP server
    We've implemented a IP whitelist firewall for the time being to help keep the server playable while we remain under attack. if you're unable to ping the SA-MP server, log into your RCRP account on the UCP (https://redcountyrp.com/login), wait a little bit and you should be able to connect to the server after that.


  1. pesadilla.

    Las Colinas Community; Los Gangsters 18

    Home > Hispanic Gangs > East Los Santos > Los Gangsters 18 Los Gangsters 18 [LGS, LGS18, 18ST, E GANG] are a predominately Mexican-American street gang formed in the early 1970's; originally apart of Clanton 14 Street, they're known to accept other races into their ranks. It is believed that...