1. InfernoNicks

    Hunger makes a theif of any man.

    (( This thread follows the character story of "Antiago Demitrio". Any and all criticism or confusion regarding the character can be taken to my discord; InfernoNicks#2622. ))
  2. Scrappy

    Punishers Motorcycle Club

    The history of Punishers MC Members of the Belfast chapter on a ride out The Punishers Motorcycle Club is an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) based out of Belfast, Ireland. The Club was formed during the early 2000s in Belfast, during which time three friends and their respective families came...
  3. InfernoNicks

    Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.

    ((This thread follows the character story of "Elijah Mayson.")) (( Any criticism or suggestions are appreciated. ))
  4. 0AK


    C.O.O.R.S. (Comrades of Our Racial Struggle) Family Skins/Coors Family Skinheads (CFS) Racist skinhead group based in San Andreas State, but most members reside within Red County and Bone County, Fort Carson. The group, formed around 1999, describes itself as a “White Power family/Kindred of...
  5. AlexanderKalashnikov

    CLOSED Montegomery Block 10, Flat 2.

    Montegomery Block 10, Flat 2 Starting Bid: $30,000 Bid step: $5000 Autowin:$70,000 The apartment is unlocked for views. ---- Pictures can be found here: -- Already sold.
  6. GoodFella

    Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male

    Montgomery Drive-By Gunman Kills Black Male By Henry Sparks • Editor: Henry Sparks Published 7th March 2019 Car-ramming and firearm attacks have been a fixture of a swell of deadly violence in Red County over the past few months. The Red County Fire Department also reported an abnormal...
  7. Athens

    ((LAST UPDATED - 31-12-2018))
  8. Sowson

    ONARA! (Season 1)

    This thread will documment the adventures and developing of Ching Lee.
  9. Sowson

    I finally left the house

    This thread will document the developing and adventures of Joshua "Big J" Method. This is not a troll thread. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, post here or PM me. Drifting
  10. Sowson

    [Official] Montogmery Neighbourhood Watch

    The montgomery neighbourhood watch is a society of peaceful people lead by Nicolas Carvallo. Teh organisation has many thing to do around montgomery like helping people andn shotting criminals (while helping police out) The members of montgmerg neighbourhood watch are mostly identified by the...