forum game

  1. Evan Gordon

    Continue the story | (3 words per post.)

    You have to add THREE words to the story, then continue with it. STARTING: Monty-rat was a
  2. Evan Gordon

    Describe your character in three word.

    Another quick forum game when you are bored, the title says it all. Deputy (PIG), calm and cool.
  3. RonnyRonstar

    Count to 50 until an Admin comes

    Hey, this game is very simple and we had it on the German forums earlier back in the days. It's simple, everybody counts one number up, goal is 50, but when an Admin comes he is supposed to count back to 0 For Example. Ronny: 1 Someone: 2 Someone's Father: 3 Admin: 0 Someone's Grand Father: 1...