for sale

  1. Sandriko

    CLOSED [SOLD] PCJ-600 | Cheap.

    Selling PCJ-600. Has 832 miles on the clock Comes in a white color. Has some scratches in the back. Asking 30,000. Trades accepted. Contact number: 2008692. (( Proof of ownership ))
  2. Bob

    CLOSED Montgomery Farm with Shed

    Montgomery Farm Montgomery Our client is potentially looking to sell this spacious farm located just outside one of the more popular towns in Red County, Montgomery. The farm comes with a generous amount of private land, an out-building to store supplies and the main ranch for living...
  3. ElemenTas

    CLOSED The Neon Diner

    Looking to get around 5m, not accepting trades. Proof of ownership: Pictures of the interior and exterior:
  4. Decabyte

    CLOSED Business for a low budget

    I'm accepting really any business for roughly 300k, a bit higher as time goes by i'll raise the price if I get no offers.