1. CLOSED 2 Montgomery flats for sale!

    Selling two beautifully furnished Montgomery flats! 1. Block 15 Flat 2 - $50,000 2. Block 18 Flat 3 - $50,000
  2. CLOSED Montgomery flat

    Selling a flat with a beautiful interior. Block 15 Flat 2 Price: $50,000
  3. Wolfy

    CLOSED Rumbley Block 7 [status: $45k]

    A minimalistic, one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Blueberry is up for auction, starting at only $1! pictures: Starting bid: $1 Bid-step: $2,500 Buyout: $55,000
  4. carsambali666

    CLOSED Dillimore 8/1 Music Studio

    Designed as a music studio, has a psychedelic interior that can take you and your friends or fellow musicians to another dimension. Starting bid: 35k Bid step: 3k Buy-out: 45k
  5. Ciovo

    CLOSED Montogomery Block 19 Flat 1

    Good day everyone and welcome to the auction.Today I'm selling a beautiful flat located in Montgomery. Starting:50.000$ Bidstep:1.000$ Buyout:65.000$