1. MartinB

    The Green Legion of Tamanend (OOC)

    The Green Legion of Tamanend (OOC Section) Hey everyone, since I became The Captain of The Legion, I decided to create this thread where you can post your suggestions, ideas or questions related to the new unofficial faction, The Green Legion of Tamanend. If you would be interested in applying...
  2. Jeroen

    Faction Complaint against the Government of San Andreas

    Master Account Name: Jeroen In Game Name: Judy Steele Faction Name: Government of San Andreas Faction Member(s) involved: Zayats Offence: Unfair treatment of an applicant Evidence: OOC requirements to registrate (mirror) Registration conversation: Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot...
  3. Bleistift

    The White Brotherhood Motorcycle Club

    Club's History Up to this day, one may divide the club's history into three big phases. The main factor in dividing the history is major events that changed the face of the club. A Cut From the Constitution "...the purpose of this club shall be promoting racist ideologies and tightening the...
  4. Red County News Corp.

    Red County News Corporation

    The Red County News Corporation was founded by Sarah K. Daley[1] in 2016, where the original article posting would take place on the internet and not as a newspaper as earlier News Corporations would. The corporation had it's launching in March 2018. The corporation was not an immediate success...