1. Pickyno

    [Dex] - Daniel_MacCarthy - Ban Appeal

    Master Account: Pickyno Character Name: Daniel_MacCarthy Admin who banned you: Dex Date you got banned: Feb 1, 2019 Reason for ban: Poor reason to kill Admit to offense?: Yes Other comments: I learned from my mistakes, I had alot of time to think about what I did do wrong and...
  2. Mikimauzas

    [dex] - Artyom_Shkrebnev - Ban Appeal

    Master Account: Mikimauzas Character Name: Artyom_Shkrebnev Admin who banned you: dex Date you got banned: Apr 13, 2018 Reason for ban: [FC] Not here to roleplay seriously Admit to offense?: No Other comments: I wasn't active for four days and today wanted to join and somehow I'm banned... I...