1. Boof


    The 83 Cold Blooded Crips a/K/a 83CBC, CBC, 8TREY are a set hailing under the legendary Eight Trey Gangster Crips. The 83 Cold Blooded Crips don't color bang anymore due to it being a younger generation set. They're often known for their violent display of their hailing to the gang. Most are...
  2. lew

    lil pressure

    This thread will document the development of Kivon Atkins
  3. Possible

    Wild West

  4. Albert Ibrahim

    Frank Stone's Story

    At the beginning from his childhood Frank Stone have lived in a gangster's hood, and the gangster was the Crips leader, he once was going to the grocery store to get a bat to play baseball, that time the Crips leader with his members bumps to Frank, they saw him holding a bat, they asked him...