1. Scrappy

    Punishers Motorcycle Club

    The history of Punishers MC Members of the Belfast chapter on a ride out The Punishers Motorcycle Club is an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) based out of Belfast, Ireland. The Club was formed during the early 2000s in Belfast, during which time three friends and their respective families came...
  2. PranC

    Pilgrims Motorcycle Club

    Pilgrims Motorcycle Club (PMC) is a legally operated motorcycle club founded in Sacramento, California under the rule of Hessians MC. Created in 2003, the founding members quickly found that running an illegal motorcycle club wasn’t on the cards as the Hessians quickly made sure that nothing...
  3. León

    Thunderbirds Motorcycle Club

    / THUNDERBIRDS MC (MOTORCYCLE CLUB) Thunderbirds MC are a white one percenter motorcycle club founded in 1976 in Wesseling, Germany. The Thunderbirds MC are known to be a close ally of Pagan's Motorcycle Club in United States of American territory. THUNDERBIRDS MC HISTORY Thunderbirds MC is...
  4. 50p

    How to SUCCESSFULLY role-play a Biker

    How to SUCCESSFULLY role-play a Biker I have chosen to write this guide so that I may share my knowledge with others and to give all Motorcycle Club and potential Motorcycle Club role-players a full, head on guide on how to SUCCESSFULLY and most importantly, ACCURATELY role-play as a biker. In...
  5. 50p

    Highwaymen Motorcycle Club

    The Highwaymen Motorcycle Club (HMC) is an American motorcycle club. The organisation, although, it claims to be non-racial, consists predominantly of "white males" and is considered to be an organised crime syndicate. The members of the club typically ride Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and they...