1. ElemenTas

    out da way

    This thread will follow the life of Daniel Phelps, a local mechanic/petrol-head in Rockshore.
  2. Hayabusa

    **Recomended YouTube video.**

  3. Axilleas

    [REQ] Car speed lock.

    Hello fellow roleplayers, I was trying to find a mod for quite some time now. I think it is a car surfing mod? What it does is basically lock the speed of the car in which you're driving and just goes straight forward until you hit a button and cancel it. It doesn't affect the top speed of the...
  4. CLOSED Voodoo

    Just offer your prices!
  5. CLOSED New Euros

    Selling a red Euros. Mileage: 100 No damages and looks nice!
  6. CC9020

    [SALE] 2017 Previon 2DR Coupe, $22,500 OBO

    Information: FUEL: GAS DRIVE: FRONT ODOMETER: ~150 mi CONDITION: Like New MODEL YEAR: 2017 TRIM: GT-S (wheels, twin exhaust) PRICE: $22,500, accepting offers DETAILS: Car is in perfect condition. No issues present, car is ready to go.