1. Wolfy

    CLOSED Rockshore pay 'n' spray ((+ a semi finished interior))

    I'm selling a repair shop which is located in Linden side, a small district close to Rockshore. The interior is undergoing renovations, new equipment has been bought; the walls, as well as the ceilings and floors, have been refreshed in all areas. The repair shop can be checked out at any time...
  2. ElemenTas

    CLOSED The Neon Diner

    Looking to get around 5m, not accepting trades. Proof of ownership: Pictures of the interior and exterior:
  3. CLOSED Angel Pine Supermarket

    Angel Pine Supermarket. ((Enterable)) Good place for a business and has a large interior. Has a 100% real cow on the roof. Payout: $500 Starting from: $700,000 Bid Step: $10,000 Buyout: $1,000,000
  4. CLOSED An Enterable Business

    Looking for an enterable business with a good payout. The highest price I would pay is 600k. Reply your offers, please!
  5. CLOSED RC Play (Fort Carson)

    RC Play is in the For Carson's mall. (Unenterable business) Payout: $600 Price: $500,000
  6. 4SALE Fort Carson's RC Play

    Selling a business called RC Play. (In Fort Carson's mall) (Not enterable) Payout: $600 Looking to get $500,000.
  7. Decabyte

    CLOSED Business for a low budget

    I'm accepting really any business for roughly 300k, a bit higher as time goes by i'll raise the price if I get no offers.
  8. Wolfy

    CLOSED Rockshore Electronics Store [Status: "Sold!"]

    ((Earnings are somewhat moderate)) Auctioning this convenient electronics store situated in the middle of Rockshore. Starting is $1,025,000 Bid-step: $25,000 Buyout: $1,725,000 (negotiable) ((Reserved bid placed with Earl)) Auction progress: 100,green
  9. Wolfy

    Duplication /writenote for businesses

    /writenote for businesses
  10. Decabyte

    CLOSED Any business

    What I'd like: A small diner, anywhere in San Andreas. Price range: $500,000 - Expect my price range to raise within the next few days. As I said, I'd accept any business, but my preference is a small diner. Feel free to respond here with offers, or email me at [email protected] ((Forum...
  11. Decabyte

    Under Discussion Company system

    Disclaimer: Firstly, I'd like to state I'm aware LSRP has this system, but to say that I'm copying this feature/idea from LSRP is like saying RCRP copied paydays from other servers. (stole this from becca in a discord chat when i brung up this suggestion originally <3) So basically, to explain...
  12. Jeroen

    CLOSED Las Payasadas Clothing Store

    Las Payasadas Clothing Store A great place for any fashionista! Payout: $1550 Send offers.
  13. Danzig

    CLOSED The American Spirit.

    Selling this business as I don't use it that much anymore. Private message me if interested. Not taking any trades for other properties.
  14. WarmedBread

    CLOSED Fort Carson GYM

    FORT CARSON GYM (Inside the Fort Carson Mall) Payout: $1,000 Starting Bid: $750,000 Bid Step: $30,000 Buyout: $1,000,000
  15. Rennessy

    CLOSED Massage Parlour

    Looking to buy a massage parlour of any sort. Budget is $400,000, and going to spend it wisely (not going to splash that much on a, for example, small and poorly renovated place, but that is as high as I will go). Call me at 254-1759.
  16. Winged

    Official Argent Corporation

    OVERVIEW Argent Innovations is the leading research & development corporation in the State of San Andreas with its main headquarters being located in Bone County. The company has multiple assets and facilities at its disposal such as laboratories, research centers, lecture halls, offices and...