bounty hunter bloods

  1. Evan02

    Tyquan Winfield

    **This thread will showcase the development of Tyquan Winfield, a teen living in the Oakridge housing projects**
  2. Hassan

    Blueberry Deuse Line Bounty Hunter Bloods (2LBHB)

    OOC INFORMATION This faction aims to portray an African-American street gang based in the north-eastern area of Blueberry, namely; Jason St., Erin Drive and Short Street. The gang primarily focuses on generating an income form the distribution of illegal narcotics although do take part in other...
  3. O Line Bounty Hunter Bloods (OLBHB)

    Overview O Line Bounty Hunter Bloods (OLBH) is a predominantly African-American street gang which falls under the Bounty Hunter Watts Bloods as a subset — one of only a few to be sanctioned outside of the gang's founding location in Watts, Los Angeles. Based in Blueberry, San Andreas, OLBH is...