1. CLOSED [AUCTION] Squalo Speedboat

    Welcome .... ... to the auction of this pristine looking Squalo! A small lounge area inside and a sun-bathing front deck, results in the ultimate entertainment boat on the market. Move fast between harbors with 300 horsepower and enough torque to break open the sea like Moses. Today, this...
  2. DanielR

    CLOSED Boat to buy.

    Look for a boat to buy, with which one can go out to sea and fish well. Every offer is welcome!
  3. DanielKargs

    CLOSED Coastguard-Budget is 210k-230k!!!

    Hi, I'm looking for a Coastguard - HMU with your offers.
  4. Thomasadison

    CLOSED Dinghy

    My offer is currently 150 grands.