1. Taylored

    CLOSED Blueberry Acres, whole property

    For sale, Blueberry Acres, a huge piece of land with multiple buildings. Comes with a big farmhouse, with two floors and a huge basement. A barn plus basement. Multiple sheds. A treehouse and even a chappel. All buildings are unlocked for viewing. ((proof of ownership)) Open for offers...
  2. BillyBoo

    Jokers Motorcycle Club

    The Jokers Motorcycle Club, commonly referred to as "JMC" is a traditional American motorcycle club, with its roots stemming from Red County, San Andreas. The club was formed by Thomas Gray, his brother and some family friends in Dillimore, 1995 but has since expanded with a second chapter in...
  3. wsasRO

    The Dixie Mafia

    The Dixie Mafiaaims to portray a collective of financially-unstable countrymen, a collective that is based on personal, religious, but most importantly, political beliefs. This gathering predominately consists of white people of southern descent, the purpose of this gathering not only being set...
  4. Hassan

    Blueberry Deuse Line Bounty Hunter Bloods (2LBHB)

    OOC INFORMATION This faction aims to portray an African-American street gang based in the north-eastern area of Blueberry, namely; Jason St., Erin Drive and Short Street. The gang primarily focuses on generating an income form the distribution of illegal narcotics although do take part in other...