1. Scrappy

    Punishers Motorcycle Club

    The history of Punishers MC Members of the Belfast chapter on a ride out The Punishers Motorcycle Club is an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) based out of Belfast, Ireland. The Club was formed during the early 2000s in Belfast, during which time three friends and their respective families came...
  2. CLOSED [SOLD] PCJ-600 | Cheap.

    Selling PCJ-600. Has 832 miles on the clock Comes in a white color. Has some scratches in the back. Asking 30,000. Trades accepted. Contact number: 2008692. (( Proof of ownership ))
  3. NUK3e

    alpha mike foxtrot

    Norman Holt, CUNTS MC member from Santa Barbara, California.
  4. Nitroboy

    Where the ride shall never finish.

    The following thread will contain the development of Adam Ratliff
  5. 50p

    a life behind bars

    This thread will follow the development of Michael Perez
  6. TomaFromTheHood

    Chuck "Chucky" Nicholson

    This thread will showcase the roleplay and development of Chuck "Chucky" Nicholson.
  7. BautistaTurturro

    A six-pack on my saddlebag.

    This is going to be the character development of James "Six-pack" Albano.
  8. Danzig

    the trees are speaking vietnamese

    This character story will focus on the development of Kurt Danzig, a 43 Y/O male who has spent most of his life on the run.
  9. 50p

    How to SUCCESSFULLY role-play a Biker

    How to SUCCESSFULLY role-play a Biker I have chosen to write this guide so that I may share my knowledge with others and to give all Motorcycle Club and potential Motorcycle Club role-players a full, head on guide on how to SUCCESSFULLY and most importantly, ACCURATELY role-play as a biker. In...