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    RCFD Monthly Ceremony | San Andreas News Network

    RCFD Monthly Ceremony By Beatrice Roberts, Senior Reporter 01.05.2020 The Red County Fire Department held its monthly ceremony at Station 1. The ceremony started with paying respect for Tom Fox and all fallen firefighters, it was followed with the employees promoted at the ceremony getting...
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    "Welcome to Spring" Camp | San Andreas News Network

    "Welcome to Spring" Camp Finally, the season that many of us are looking forward to has come. San Andreas News Network is hosting a camping event to celebrate the arrival of spring with you! Get your tents and come over to Palomino Creek! Enjoy music, campfire, and delicious snacks with your...
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    SASP and Public Relations | San Andreas News Network

    SASP and Public Relations By Beatrice Roberts, Senior Reporter 21.04.2020 The San Andreas State Police opened the Dillimore Police Department reception to the public recently. Master Trooper Dave June was there and answered any and all questions that the citizens may have had at the...
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    Moonlight and Red Wine

    This thread will be about how James and Beatrice will live as a family.
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    Interview with New Silentium Management | San Andreas News Network

    INTERVIEW WITH NEW SILENTIUM MANAGEMENT By: Beatrice Roberts,Senior Reporter 17.04.2020 As you all know, there was a significant change in Silentium management a few days ago. Today Silentium has a new director, Stefan Wilson. With the help of intern Jackson Timberling, we interviewed...
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    Possessed Man Tries to Murder State Trooper | County Press

    Possessed Man Tries to Murder State Trooper By [BEATRICE ROBERTS] • Published [03.04.2020]. On April 1, 2020, the mysterious man, who thought he was in contact with ghosts, attempted to kill Trooper Katelyn Steele of the San Andreas State Police. This man, who claims to speak to ghosts...
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    Traffic Accident at Palomino Creek | County Press

    Traffic Accident at Palomino Creek By Beatrice Roberts Published March 19th, 2020. On Tuesday at around 6 PM, a traffic accident occurred near the Palomino Creek General Store. The cause of the crash was reported to be high speed, and it was also said that the driver causing the accident...
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    The Great Atlantis I | County Press Science-Fiction | 13.03.2020 | Published by BEATRICE ROBERTS The Great Atlantis I Today, as a result of the feedback I received from you, I decided to write an article series telling the story of Atlantis. There may be 3 to 5 articles in this article series. It will depend...
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    What is Written About Atlantis II | County Press Science-Fiction | 03.03.2020 | Published by BEATRICE ROBERTS What Is Written About Atlantis II We continue to examine the written sources about Atlantis. If you have not read the first article, you can read it by clicking here. Maybe among hundreds of books, there is a...
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    What Is Written About Atlantis I | County Press Science-Fiction |01.03.2020 | Published by BEATRICE ROBERTS What Is Written About Atlantis I You must have heard the word Atlantis somewhere. Atlantis is a continent sunk as a result of a geological disaster in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, according to rumors or...
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    Creators of Humanity: Engineers II | County Press Science-Fiction | 23/02/2020 | Published by Beatrice Roberts Creators of Humanity: Engineers II In my previous article, I gave information about engineers in general. Click here if you have not read it yet. We continue with the morphology and culture of engineers. They...
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    ** The posters would be seen around the counties. **

    (( It's gonna be around 20:00 (GMT) ))