1. Clout


    This character story will showcase the development of Oscar Whitelock **Note: This story is a demonstration of real mental problems, some images might appear confusing.**
  2. Zodiac

    [01] Project LOCUS (Argent - Aperture - Silentium)

    Project LOCUS is a joint project that is hopefully going to be one of my biggest roleplay projects so far. This thread should key out the main events in terms of lore development and server roleplay from entities involved with the project. For any questions, do feel free to contact me via PM...
  3. Winged

    Argent Corporation

    OVERVIEW Argent Innovations is the leading research & development corporation in the State of San Andreas with its main headquarters being located in Bone County. The company has multiple assets and facilities at its disposal such as laboratories, research centers, lecture halls, offices and...