1. Scrappy

    Let's Talk About Aperture

    I've been away for a while, came back a couple of months ago and Aperture just disappeared, for some reason. I don't know why Aperture was shut down, but one thing I can remember is they offered unique and fun RP, why can't we bring it back? Sure, they had a couple of retards who ruined the...
  2. Zodiac

    [01] Project LOCUS (Argent - Aperture - Silentium)

    Project LOCUS is a joint project that is hopefully going to be one of my biggest roleplay projects so far. This thread should key out the main events in terms of lore development and server roleplay from entities involved with the project. For any questions, do feel free to contact me via PM...
  3. Zodiac

    [DECLASSIFIED] ** San Andreas TV Broadcasts Hijacked ** | DONE: 27-JAN-2017

    OOC: (( This teaser is a small hint to something coming soon. It may be short, but there are plenty of clues here. Enjoy deciphering them! )) ** All TV stations in the state of San Andreas would be jammed for a brief second before being hijacked by this anonymous broadcast. The Department of...